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Crossroad Vintners provides the wine and spirit industry of Indiana with quality choices within a competitive price range.

We use a customer focused approach to distributing wine and spirits in Indiana by emphasizing better service and attention through a professional approach. We source wine and spirits from small to medium size producers and importers who share a similar commitment to quality and passion for the industry.

Featured Products

  • "Top 5 Rye Whiskey!"
    "Top 5 Rye Whiskey!" "Something about having a stout bottle with a huge label that reads "BONE SNAPPER RYE WHISKEY" just screams, 'I am a scholar, a romantic, and an occasional pillager.'"   "Top…

Featured Cocktails

  • The Snap
    The Snap This is a revival of the once popular Red Snapper cocktail - naturally, it will forever more be made with Bone Snapper! Ingredients: 1.5 oz Bone Snapper Rye .5 oz…

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